Download Facebook App – How to Download Facebook Mobile App

Download Facebook App

Download Facebook App – Do you have a Facebook Account? Create One Here Now.. or you are new to Facebook without using Facebook App.  Download Facebook App for Mobile Phones to enable you to use and enjoy Facebook on your device. Have quick access to your Facebook account if you can download Facebook App Now.

Facebook App for Mobile Phones

Facebook App for Mobile Phones has features that can easily text or call any of your contacts on the platform at any time. However, regular data charges will apply. Facebook App for mobile phones will help you keep frequent contact with friends and family. You do not need you any browser to or desktop to log in and start chatting with friends.

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There are a lot of Facebook apps available for your phones. Some are better than others but the choice is yours.

Below is a list of some Facebook apps for mobile phones.
  • Facebook (the official Facebook app).
  • Facebook Lite.
  • Facebook Messenger
  • Faster for Facebook lite.
  • Friendly for Facebook.
  • Maki.
  • Phoenix.
  • Simple for Facebook and some others more.

Each of these apps has its advantages and disadvantages. If you want to explore all of them you can and decide the best one for you.

Download Facebook Apps

There are several ways you can download Facebook apps for your android phone. You can do so by downloading it from the web or from your device play store (app store).

How to Download Facebook Mobile App
  • Through your device web browser
  • Through your device Play or app store

To Download Facebook App Through Device Web Browser

  1. Launch any web browser on your device and search for the name of any of the Facebook apps adding .apk to the front. Such as (Facebook.apk).
  2. Tap on any of the link suggesting that you can download the app and wait.
  3. Tap on the download button and select the folder you want to app to be downloaded.
  4. Hit on the “Save” button
  5. After a few minutes, the app would be downloaded to your device
  6. Install it manually.

Through your device Play or App store

  1. Go to  your device Play Store Here, If it is Andriod Phone
  2. Visit App Store Here, If it is IOS, iPhones
  3. Tap on the search bar.
  4. Enter the name of any of the Facebook app you want to download
  5. Hit download to start downloading.
  6. Click the app and then on the install button.
  7. Wait a few minutes and the app would be downloaded to your device.

Hope this was found helpful? If you found any issue to Download Facebook App, let us know in the comment section below.

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