Facebook GIF Ads – How to Create Facebook GIF Ads

How to create Facebook GIF Ads

How to Create Facebook GIF Ads – Creating Facebook GIF Ads gives a lot of inspiration. You can create GIF with your own Pictures and Videos sending gifts on chats on the comment. Here, we will show you all you how to create Gif and Facebook GIF Ads and lots of important things involved.

 Gifs Meaning

Gifs Simply mean Graphic Interchanging Formats. These are very short animated images in the form of videos that usually features no sound and play in repeat. The major difference between it and videos are they are relatively shorter in length than videos. These can be used in creating Facebook ads as well as videos.

Why Facebook GIF Ads?

Facebook GIF Ads has the benefits the same as a video ad and more.

Below are some of the advantages are listed below;

  • It is very simple to create at no cost.
  • GIF Ads is relatively short than any other ads.
  • You can convert videos into GIFs. making your already made video ads into gifs ads.
  • Taking full advantages of GIFs ads will give you a way to stand out from the multitude of Facebook image ads running daily and put you in a middle ground between image ads and video ads. which might be exactly what you need to get to your target audience.
  • The fact that uses only watch about a third of videos uploaded on the Facebook platform gives gifs more advantage over video ads as they are relatively shorter than video ads. which gives you the confidence that your GiF ad will be viewed to the end.
How to Create GIFs
  1. Go to www.Giphy.com
  2. Tap on the button “Create” at the top right side of the screen.
  3. Different kinds of options to use in creating GIFs will appear
  4. Choose anyone you want. For example, “if you choose the option of creating a GIF for your existing video”.
  5. Kindly tap on Choose video to upload your video
  6. Select an appropriate Start time and Duration that makes sense for your gif.
  7. Proceed, decorate and do all the necessary things you want.
  8. You can also choose to attach a URL and others.
  9. When you are done then tap on Upload to Giffy.
  10. Tapping on that would create the GIF so that you can download and use the Gif you created. And it will be ready for your Facebook ads.
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How to Create Facebook Gif Ads

Having created a GIF let us proceed on how to create and use Facebook Gif ads proper. It is similar to creating Facebook video ads.

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  • Go to Facebook power editor, and tap on Create ads.
  • Name your campaign, choose ads set and others then tap on save to draft.
  • Select Video/slideshow.
  • Now upload your GIF or add a link to your GIF.
  • After doing that you can add your ads copy which is a short description of the ads.
  • Finally, tap on Publish.
  • Tapping on publish will make the ad go live. And by so doing you have successfully created your first Gif ad. then watch out for the difference and how well the ad will do on Facebook.

Try it with these guidelines and let us know your problems about Facebook GIF Ads – How to Create Facebook GIF Ads on the comment box below.