Facebook Offence and Jail – How to Avoid Facebook Offence and Jail

How to Avoid Facebook Offence and Jail

How to Avoid Facebook Offence and Jail – In order to avoid been ban or block from Facebook, you have to be careful about your activities on Facebook. In this post, you will see what constitutes a Facebook offense and the jail terms, How to avoid Facebook offense and Jail.

Facebook Offence and Jail

Facebook doesn’t like it users go against their rules because what it does is that it affects the platform and its users. This isn’t something Facebook likes, so to protect their interest and that of their users, they immediately take actions against violators. Sometimes before you get restricted, Facebook warns but when you don’t comply, you get put in Facebook Jail.

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When you violate Facebook rules (privacy policies), Facebook Jail is what you get. It’s not like Facebook will come to you physically to arrest you. What Facebook does when you violate their policies is, they deny you access to do certain things on their platform which includes:

  • Commenting on the post that appears on your timeline.
  • Posting on your timeline
  • Posting on groups or pages
  • Sharing certain information
  • Viewing profiles and gaining access to certain persons
How to Avoid Facebook Offence and Jail

To avoid Facebook  Offence and Jail, complying with Facebook is of great essence. These are some things you can do to avoid being a victim of FB Jail especially for digital marketers who are trying to use Facebook for promotion.

They include the following:

  1. Don’t post anything that goes against Facebook’s policies
  2. Avoid anything related to scams and do not publish spams
  3. Create fresh contents when you publish contents about Facebook
  4. Give quality intervals between posts so your post doesn’t become an abuse
  5. Input your correct details in your Facebook Profile so you don’t get seen as a scammer.
How to Get Out Of Facebook Jail

Facebook Jail is temporal in most cases because they give you the option to prove and defend yourself. In some other cases like that which involves indiscriminate posting, Facebook could restrict you for weeks or days before you are being allowed to post anything on your timeline or in a group.

Once you are not clear on why you are in Facebook Jail or when it’s taking too long to resolve, you can visit HERE or the Facebook Help Center and lay you’re complaining and in no time they would be resolved.

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