Facebook Video Calls | How To Start Facebook Live Video Call On Your Phones

Facebook video Calls

Facebook Video Calls

Facebook Video Calls is amazing, and it is what to enjoy. Do you know that you can come live with your friends from far place on Facebook Video Calls?. Technology has made things so easy and interesting, Every day by day it keeps on improving. Facebook Video, can help you in many ways as Instagram and Twitter Live streaming do but Facebook Video Calls is the incase best to experience what you need because it will look as if you are staying with the person.

Facebook Video Calls | Facebook Live Video

So many questions have been asking by people Whether Facebook Video Calls is for celebrities, Politicians or newspaper media etc.? The answer is ”NO” Facebook Video Call Live streaming is for every user on the Facebook community. You too can do it provided you have the necessary things.

Facebook is a large community that boasts of over 1.8 billion people and also today Facebook is 13 and the #friendsday celebration has been going.

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Steps To Start Facebook Video Calls | Facebook Live Video On Your Mobiles Phones

We Have Made This Lesson On How To Start Facebook Video Calls Pretty Simple. Below are the details

How To Start Facebook Video Calls

==>When having a chat with your friends on Facebook Messenger.
==> Click the call sign on.
==> Allow it to connect.
==> Click on Video icon
==> Tell your friends to equally click on the video icon
==> You will start seeing your friends where ever they are.

To begin Facebook live video you need to install the mobile app from your app store – Google Play store on Android and IOS store for your Apple device.


Facebook video calls

Facebook Live Video On Your Mobiles Phones

==> You will first have to check if your Facebook mobile app is up to date, if not go to your store and update it.

==> Open your Facebook mobile app, immediately below the status update space you see the ”Live” icon.

==> Click on the ”Live” icon, you see an interface with your camera coming up. You could switch between the front camera and the rear camera by clicking on the two circular arrows.
==> There is the option of choosing who sees your video, by default it is set to your friends, tapping on Friends shows you other privacy option to choose from.

==> Select your choice and click Done. You can add a description of your video is about, then you go live.

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