How to Get Facebook Portal – Facebook Portal Device 

How to Get Facebook Portal

Facebook Portal Device –  Facebook Portal provides Facebook users an easy way to make video calls through messenger because the FB portal comes with a front-mounted camera on the top of the 10-inch screen.

Facebook Portal Device

Facebook Portal Device 

The Portal is a brand of tablets or smart display developed by Facebook, this FB Portal is used for viewing Facebook easily, it comes in the 10-inch version and the 15-inch version which is called the Facebook portal plus. 

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The portal comes with amazon’s voice and it also comes with the intelligent personal assistant Alexa. The Facebook portal plus gives users the chance to enjoy the Facebook portal on a larger screen.

 Facebook Portal Features

FB portal was solely created so users can enjoy Facebook Messenger video calls more, it was designed so users can use Messenger video calls with ease with the 10-inch frame users can easily make calls on messenger and have a larger and clearer view of the video call being made.

These are some of the major features of FB portal.
  1. The FB Portal allows for its users to have easy access to Facebook Messenger, the Facebook portal was created for only one purpose and that is to use the Facebook messenger video call. It doesn’t do any other thing like other major tablets that are available for purchase.
  2. It also supports Facebook games, the Facebook portal now comes with Facebook games such as Farmville, Facebook messenger basketball, Facebook messenger Everwing, Facebook messenger sudoku game which means users can now play games with their friends easily through the Facebook portal. Although this is a new feature the original Facebook portal didn’t support these features.
  3. It was actually created for just video calling on messenger although, mobile devices, laptops, tablets can do what FB portal was created for but FB Portal was in instant hit on release, a lot of users of the Facebook platform purchased the FB portal so they can have the full Facebook experience.
How to Get Facebook Portal

To get FB Portal, it can be purchased through dealerships that are linked to Facebook or from the official Facebook store where users can just buy the FB portal and start using it.

These are the ways in which users can purchase the FB portal.
  • Open your web browsers.
  • Open the Facebook store website @ Or Click Here
  • Choose the Facebook portal and order it.
  • Upon opening the Facebook page, users can purchase the Facebook portal on this platform or they can also go to Facebook stores near them and purchase the FB portal and start enjoying all its features.