How to Play Draw Something Game on Facebook – Facebook Puzzle Game

How to Play Draw Something on Facebook

How to Play Draw Something Game on Facebook – Facebook games are highly interested and entertaining, To play draw something game on Facebook one need to understand the rules and regulations guiding it. Read the details on this page and be the best player of Draw Something Game on Facebook.

Facebook Draw Something

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This is a very strategic game and as the name goes “Draw Something” It implies that drawing is involved. Never you get scared because I mentioned drawing and think you must know how to draw.  This isn’t true for FB Draw Something because even the worst artist can play this game.

Facebook Draw Something is a puzzle game with over 1.1 million players on FB.

In this game, players are required to draw anything and their opponent have the obligation of naming the item or element by typing. When you get it correct, you get points which allow you to earn more points or colors. The more complex your drawings are, the better for you because your opponent would find it hard to identify it.

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To find this game on FB, log in your account, get on the search bar and search “Draw Something”. You will see a link with the option to play the game.

When you click on it, you will see three options which are;

  • Choose Player
  • Instant Play
  • Play Someone New

One thing about Draw Something is that you have enough time to play it with your friends on FB except it’s instant.

How to Play Draw Something on Facebook


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This game does not have limited people to play it with. You can play this game with as many persons as you want and they will respond to you during their free time.

If you are playing with someone who is really smart, it may be very difficult to name his/her drawing.

Don’t get discouraged because there is a way you can become a master at this game and get all your friends wondering how you do it because you would be able to identify anything you come across.

The fact you are not timed makes it more interesting except you are playing Instant.

Here is how to play and win in this game;
  • Visit
  • Input the Number of Letters in Words
  • Input the Letters to Scramble
  • Click “Submit”

You would be given a list of words and from them, you can get the actual word for the object drawn as you look at it.