How to Sell on Facebook with BigCommerce

How to Sell on Facebook with BigCommerce

How to Sell on Facebook with BigCommerce – Maybe you have tried using other methods to sell on Facebook, Try BigCommerce today for better sales of your products.  We will show you how to sell on Facebook with BigCommerce, Just read carefully and understand it.

How to Sell on Facebook Store – BigCommerce

BigCommerce is another very reputable e-commerce website builder, helping you build your own online store without having to worry about coding:

  1. Create targeted Facebook adverts to attract new shoppers and track your campaigns
  2. Has helped merchants process over $9 billion in sales
  3. A comprehensive set of “out of the box” tools to help you build your store
  4. Leverage different social channels to help you grow your sales (such as Facebook Store)
  5. Add more advanced tools through BigCommerce’s own app store (just like Shopify)
How to Sell on Facebook With BigCommerce

BigCommerce is great for big businesses looking to sell online and on Facebook.  Setting up your Facebook Store with BigCommerce is pretty straightforward: you just have to follow these steps.

BigCommerce lets you connect your eCommerce website’s catalog with Facebook to grow your reach on a channel where your customers already spend their time. It only takes a few clicks to start selling your products on Facebook through dynamic advertising and a mobile-friendly Facebook store that integrates with your online store.

The process is very similar to Shopify, in that you’ll need to add BigCommerce’s free Facebook Shop app to your store. This will then make your products available on your Facebook Business Page.

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Note: The functionality to check out directly on Facebook is currently only available to US-based BigCommerce users.

Adding the app is really quick and easy, so you can start selling products on Facebook in no time at all!

BigCommerce is one of the better e-commerce website builders available in the market today. In our opinion, their biggest competitor is Shopify (discussed above), and each of them has its own pros and cons.

Like Shopify, BigCommerce offers a free trial period, so you can try it and see if it’s the right builder for you. Hit the button below to get started.

Increase Sales by Creating an Online Facebook Store

Add a Shop section to your Facebook Business Page to start selling to your customers where they spend time: Facebook and Instagram.

  • List Your Catalog

It takes just a click to send your entire catalog to Facebook. Any changes made in your eCommerce website are automatically synced with Facebook Store.

  • Merchandise your products

You can organize your products into collections and even tag them in photos to improve visibility and highlight your best sellers on social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook.

  • Mobile-friendly shopping

The Facebook Shop section offers a beautiful online shopping experience on all mobile devices, letting you showcase your products on any screen.

  • Choose your checkout

You have the option to let shoppers check out right on Facebook for reduced friction, or have them click through to check out on your store.