How to Start Business on eBay & Sell On eBay

How to Start Business On eBay

How to Start Business on eBay – Set up your business legally on eBay businesses can become successful so quickly that many entrepreneurs procrastinate on this step. How to setup Business on eBay guide will help you achieve your aim. Go through this guide below.

eBay Online Store is a marketing opportunity initiated by eBay to assist you in marketing your products on the eBay platform where you can get millions of prospective buyers. These tools (features) passes a positive messenger to your customers that makes them more interested in what you market and keeps them still coming.

This eCommerce solution provides users with a great branding and marketing features.

How to Start Business on eBay

Here are some success tips for starting a business on eBay:
  1. Set up your business legally:  eBay businesses can become successful so quickly that many entrepreneurs procrastinate on this step.
  2. Find sourcing options: Successful sellers know that you make your money when you buy, not when you sell. Locating the perfect suppliers for your valuable inventory is critical to your business’ success. To find legitimate sourcing assistance, go to eBay’s Solutions Directory at
  3. Educate yourself: Even Power-Sellers-eBay top sellers who sustain consistently high volumes of monthly sales and positive feedback–have seen an increase in their sales by incorporating the best eBay practices. Visit
  4. Open and optimize an eBay Store: Where else can you have an online storefront for less than $16 a month that assists you in search engine optimization on major search engines? Check out
  5. Develop your online “triangle of success.” Incorporate eBay auctions, an eBay Store and a website in your online business model–this allows necessary cross-marketing between all three channels. Your first stop for helpful information on easily setting up your personal website:
  6. Set gold-star customer service policies: Your customers have the option to buy from a wide variety of sellers. Providing top-notch customer service gives them a reason to buy from you.

By using these success tips, which we will be able to start up your business transactions on eBay Online Store

Currently, brands are taking hold of the eBay Online Store to facilitate their brand awareness. Any time you see a red “Stores” tag beside a seller’s ID, it means that he/she owns an eBay store.

How To Setup a Business On eBay

As a seller on eBay Stores, it is of utmost importance you select the package most suitable for you. eBay is concerning about you earning profits to boom your business.

eBay has basically three (3) types of a store which are;
  • Basic Shop
  • Featured Shop
  • Anchor Shop
These stores have their eligibility criteria to open them which are;
  1. Having a verified PayPal account for a Basic Shop
  2. Being a registered business seller on eBay and sustaining an average score of 4.4 for a 12 month average for a Featured Shop
  3. Sustaining an average score of 4.6 for 12 month average for an Anchor Shop
  4. The above stores have their stated principles in terms of a number of products to be sold and even the prices of products.

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How to Sell On eBay

After setting up your eBay Online Shop, marketing and selling are the next things which come to mind. Moving and growing a business is the uttermost desire of any brand or business.

Follow the guide below;

  • Set up your account
  • Click on “Sell” at the top of the website
  • Write a detailed but brief title to describe what you sell
  • Take shots of the items you sell(the pictures must be taken from several angles to help your buyer review the item to their satisfaction)
  • Add the pictures to your listing
  • Give a detailed description of the item to be sold (weight, color, size, manufacturer, etc.)
  • Choose if you would like a fixed price format or an auction format.
How to Categories Your eBay Store
Here is how you categories your eBay Online Store;
  • Get on “My eBay”
  • On the left side of the page click “Manage my shop”
  • Tap the shop categories link
  • To add subcategories under a given category, click on the name of the category
  • Finally, to add a category, click “Add Category”

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