How To Start Using Dropbox – Drop Box Benefits

How To Start Using Dropbox

How To Start Using Dropbox – Using dropbox on your computer system is worth engaging, The platform offers lots of services such as file synchronization, personal cloud, and cloud services.


In computing, a computer folder to which files may be dragged and dropped from which users of other computers on the network can easily access those files. Dropbox is a popular file storage service hosted and operated by American company Dropbox Inc., headquartered in San Francisco, California.

However, Dropbox review is a personal cloud storage service (sometimes known as an online back-up service) that is regularly used for collaboration, file sharing, and storage. One can use the Dropbox in their website or offline application made available in some operating systems such as Macintosh, window and Linus desktop. Dropbox is a workspace designed to bring unnecessary files to ease so that one can focus on an important task.

How to Start Using Dropbox

Dropbox is a cloud storage service that allows users to store files online instead of using mobile devices.

The steps are as follows:

  1. Go to or Click Here. This will open the Dropbox sign-up page.
  2. If you have already had an account, fill out your account information, e.g. full name, email address, and password.
  3. Check the “I agree to Dropbox Terms” box (an empty square shape). This is below the “Email” field.
  4. Click sign up for free button, a blue button below the “I agree term” box, doing so will create a Dropbox account.
Dropbox Benefits

Privacy: All the files stored in Dropbox are private. Other users can’t see it and also cannot have access to those files unless you intentionally Share links to files or share folders to others.
File back up: By installing desktop and mobile app, one can easily back up files to Dropbox. This can also be done by signing in to with the installed desktop app.
Free access: Dropbox account comes with at least 2GB storage space which always free. If you are Dropbox as personal files, Dropbox basic is the best most especially for new users.
Safety: Dropbox uses Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) to secure files. The use of 255-bit is another way to protect stored files. It provides end to end encryption.


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At all costs, Dropbox is a cloud-based service tool design for individuals and teams to alleviate distraction and focus on archiving productivity. The platform is the most used and one of the world’s leading storage and sharing system created for individuals who are ready to use the free service in exchange for data.

Overview of Dropbox
  • Manual set bandwidth.
  • Large file sharing and storage.
  • Online back-up and recovery.
  • Efficient syncing, preview and download.
  • Simple link-sharing via email, chat or text message.
  • Automatic updates, organization, and back-up