How to Use Free Facebook Mobile Services

How to Use Free Facebook Mobile Service

How to Use Free Facebook Mobile Services – Do you know you can use Free Facebook without data on your sim card. Have you ever been in a situation where you were surfing the Internet and all of a sudden, your Internet connection goes off due to network failure or unstable wireless connection? People who have had this ugly experience know how frustrating it is. Facebook, on the other hand, also requires Internet for full utilization of its service. But thanks to Facebook free mode, users can surf through Facebook without having an active Internet connection.

How to Use Facebook Free Mode

Facebook free mode is a service available by some networks that allow its customers to do the basics of Facebook without having a data connection. This service is something that device owners long and Facebook users in general. Facebook users can now send messages, write comments, share and do so much more on Facebook without having to worry about a wireless connection or a load of data they’re consuming.

Features of Facebook Free Mode

The Facebook free mode is available in some countries and some telecommunication companies have been partnering with Facebook on that. This makes Facebook accessible to its users to use without data connections.

Some of the Notable Features of Fb Free Mode Are
  • Reading Posts
  • Making and liking comments.

Note that watching videos, viewing of pictures and accessing other websites while using the Fb free mode is not possible. For you to do any of these, you will need to have an active Internet connection. Facebook free mobile service does not allow users to access these features.

How to Connect Your Phone to Get Started

From the statements above, some network carriers partner with Facebook which allows users to do the basics on Facebook. So, if your network carrier supports this feature, you can start using free Facebook mobile services.

Users can access Facebook free mode a data connection subscription with the following steps below.

Log on to on your phone’s preferred browser. If you get a reply that says that free Facebook is not available in your country, you may click here.

When the page loads, log in with your Facebook credentials for you to start using Facebook without a data connection.
Note that while doing this, users are to make sure they do not connect to any network. This is to be in place, so as not to interfere with the whole process. If you follow these steps, you will see something like “you are now using free Facebook“ or “you’re in free mode“. You can also connect to Fb free mode using different mobile devices and Facebook apps such as Facebook Lite and the Messenger app.

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If you want to view a picture, video or access the link on a Facebook page, click on it, you’ll get info notifying you that you are about to exit the Fb free mode. After that, click on continue to use the Fb free mode option.

You can also go back to Facebook free mode any time, anywhere by tapping “use Facebook for free“ or by going by clicking here.

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