Tips to Promote your Business On Facebook for Free

Tips to Promote your Business  On Facebook for Free

Tips to Promote your Business  On Facebook for Free – Thinking of promoting your product, business and services on Facebook is the best idea. Facebook has some free powerful ways for businesses to leverage. You can agree with after going through this article, “Tips to Promote your Business  On Facebook for Free”

Tips to Promote your Business  On Facebook for Free
  • Create a Personal Business Facebook Page: 

Facebook Page with your business name can create relationships between businesses and their audiences. The person-to-person interaction that can happen on social media makes consumers feel that they have encountered a brand in a meaningful way and that they now have a special connection with that company. So imagine how much this feeling is intensified when that consumer is interacting not just with “the brand,” but with the person behind that brand!

Depending on your personal social media habits, you may or may not already have a personal Facebook account. If you do, and you prefer to keep your personal profile private, Facebook will allow you to create a page for your public, professional persona, as well. Otherwise, you can use your personal profile to interact with consumers. Gain a following by engaging with the people who frequent your brand’s page.

  •  Maintain a Robust Brand Presence:

People today often use Facebook as a search engine to find out more about a company, whether that means basic info like contact information and hours of operation, or what customers have to say about them. A robust, active page that’s full of regular posts and lots of audience engagement is a great way to showcase the fact that your customers aren’t just satisfied – they’re enthusiastic!

  • Join Facebook Groups:

Facebook groups actually offer a similar opportunity for professionals. There is any number of Facebook groups dedicated to various industries, professions, and interests. You can use your personal account to join groups of colleagues, as well as groups where your target audience is likely to be found.

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The more you contribute to the conversations taking place in these groups, the more your name will become recognized – and synonymous with industry leadership and expertise.

You can customize your search for groups based on various keywords – and Facebook also makes suggestions, based on your profile.

  •  Create Your Own Group:

Create your own! You can add members, publish articles, carry on discussions, and probably meet quite a few prospects. The fact that you own the group and control the conversations automatically grants you industry leadership status in the eyes of your members, which can only help when they realize they need the product or service you provide.

  • List Your Events:

Create an event page and invite friends and people in the groups you’re in. You can even see how many RSVP and get feedback from attendees.

  • Syndicate Your Blog:

There are many different online tools you can use to do this, from simple plugins for WordPress to suites of digital marketing software, that will automatically post each new blog post to your Facebook page for you. More Exposure = More Traffic = More Leads.

  •  Ask Your Network to Share Blog Posts:

Speaking of posting your company’s blog posts on your personal page or profile, you should also ask your team of employees and partners, your current customers, and even your personal friends and family to share your company’s posts on their personal Facebook profiles, as well.

  •  Reach Out Your Customer:

Reach out to them on Facebook! Many people check their Facebook messages more regularly than their email. They are also more likely to respond to Facebook messages. Don’t feel comfortable sending out a message to someone you don’t know?. When posting on different pages make sure you post as your business and not your personal account.

  •  Stream Live Video With Facebook Live:

The intimacy and immediacy of live video create the sense for your viewers that they are getting a behind-the-scenes peek at the real you – as well as enticing them to stick around to watch much longer than they would a regular video, because of the unpredictability of live video.

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  • Create a Community:

Engage with people authentically, whether that means writing on their walls, responding to their comments on your own, conversing in groups, or introducing people to each other. Before you know it, you’ll have created a community of friends who look favorably on you and your business – and all for free.

As you can see, Facebook marketing may be pay-to-play these days, but it’s also still about making connections, developing relationships, and sharing your wisdom with others.

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