Tiwa Savage Net Worth In 2019 Forbes List: Biography and Achievements

Tiwa Savage Net Worth In 2019 Forbes List

Tiwa Savage Net Worth In 2019 Forbes List – Tiwa started humbly in 2010 and was quite lucky to get popular as soon as she started with a single hit song. Since she released her first single back then, she has gone on providing her fans with several interesting songs and has become one of the richest artists in the country. According to reports, she has a net worth that is pegged around five million dollars.
Tiwatope Savage is a very popular Nigerian female singer with one of the finest voices in the industry. She is regarded as one of the best female musicians Africa has ever produced, and she has grown to become a very influential woman in the African music industry.

Tiwa Savage Biography

Tiwa Savage Net Worth In 2019 Forbes List

Tiwatope Savage  (Stage Name Tiwa Savage) was on 5th February 1980 in Lagos State, Southwest Nigeria, moved to England when she was only 11 years old with her family, and she became educated there. In fact, she has been indulging in musical activities right from when she was in school and has found a passion for singing at a quite tender age. Before she left her school, she was part of the orchestra band.

Tiwa Savage  Education and Career

After graduating from the University of Kent (where she earned a degree in business administration), she didn’t jump into the music industry right away. Instead, she worked for some time with The Royal Bank of Scotland before leaving her job.

Before getting up to become what she currently is, Tiwa had acted as backup vocals for some popular musicians outside the shores of Nigeria.

For instance, being a young teenager, she has worked with the likes of George Michael. As she progresses, she found herself working with others like Mary J. Blige, Kelly Clarkson, Chaka Khan, Andrea Bocelli, etc.

As she progressed, she found herself staying and performing on the same stage with the likes of 50 Cent, Eminem, Destiny’s Child, Robbie Williams and so on.

Having spotted her music potentials from a young age, she decided to sharpen herself by attending Berklee College of Music. Before clocking 30, she had left the place with a degree in professional music. She obviously had a lot of young folks around her school and, while talking about life there, mentioned how they motivated her and how she needed the atmosphere there.

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She also believed musicians like herself meet with certain issues during their transition from backup to lead (as she also started from that angle). According to Tiwa, they are more scrutinized when their performances are not up to expectations.

When she arrived in Nigeria, one of the things that helped her was her business background. In fact, in an interview, she made mention of how her business background and the fact that the stage she has reached as far as professionalism is concerned doesn’t allow her susceptible to deception.

When she finally arrived in the Nigerian industry, she confessed to not initially knowing what to expect. She also revealed that she received several ridicules from those that we’re thinking that there is no way she will progress. Tiwa even said a lot of folks made various attempts to discourage her from bases in Nigeria.

Before she began making strides as a female singer in the country, she revealed that many thought there is no way she will be welcomed there and that she can’t get to the league of the males that are already ahead. Nevertheless, she won’t be hindered nor discouraged by what people say, but she kept doing her thing and she never allow what those people were saying to discourage her from becoming what she wants to become.

Some months after she arrived in the country and has set the ball rolling, she partook in various activities that further promoted her brand in the country. Now, she has been able to grow tremendously and has gotten a songwriting deal with Sony/ATV Music Publishing. Some years before now, she joined Mavin Records and was able to shoot herself to another height.

Additionally, Tiwa Savage put pen on paper for a management and publishing deal with Roc Nation and she is now well-known not only in Nigeria but in different parts of Africa.

Tiwa Savage Net Worth In 2019 Forbes List

Tiwa is said to be worth $5 Million, she is one of the richest musicians in the country (and she leads many female singers in Nigeria). Considering her popularity as well as things like her endorsement deals, it is easy to believe that she is pretty rich and wealthy.

This singer has gone on to get featured on the stages of many international and local shows, and even on YouTube, her videos usually get watched by so many people. She gets more attention from these and keeps attracting deals that increase her net worth both in Naira and in dollars.

As regarding how much it is that she earns for performing in shows since she is very popular, it was made known that she receives up to 3 million Naira per show. She is also a co-owner of 323 Entertainment and is being paid by several platforms including YouTube, Spinlet, and so on.

Tiwa Savage Achievements

Tiwa Savage House:

Tiwa Savage Net Worth In 2019 Forbes List

Since she has a lot of money to throw around, she has acquired a house at Ikate Elgushi in Lekki. However, it should be noted that not everyone can get access to her house considering her status as a celebrity. It was stated that she splashed up to 60 million Naira on the house. Since she has a circle of celebrities, it was revealed that many well-known people in the country do visit the house (the likes of Timaya, AY, etc). To ensure her security, they don’t allow photographers in the place and her fans can only see the place on social media.

Tiwa Savage Cars;

Tiwa Savage Net Worth In 2019 Forbes List

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Just like various other rich celebrities in the country, she also enjoys driving big cars around. We know she is a celebrity and has the money to buy whatever car she desires to get. So, she can comfortably drive around the cars she has without any issues.

According to reports, it was made known that Tiwa has cars like a Toyota Land Cruiser Prado SUV and Volkswagen EOS Convertible. While she might not have bought a private jet as things stand now, she still uses them to travel and even enjoy herself with expensive luxury boats.

Tiwa Savage Dresses;

Tiwa Savage Net Worth In 2019 Forbes ListImage result for Tiwa Savage Dresses

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When we examine Tiwa Savage’s net worth, it might also be necessary to highlight what are the things she loves spending her money on. We have seen the likes of her cars and her house, and now, you should see her love for clothes too. She definitely has her taste in clothes – which might be deemed normal. It was said that her wardrobes are filled with a lot of dresses, and she wears them conveniently about.

Tiwa Savage Endorsement deals ;

Tiwa Savage Net Worth In 2019 Forbes List

As far as Nigeria is concerned, musicians don’t just fix their attention on the sales of their albums and all of that. The reason for this is because there is a high rate of piracy in the country, and so, many musicians don’t earn more from that. However, one of the means they earn a lot of money is through endorsements deals. They usually act as an ambassador for some brands that can pay them to influence their followers to patronize their products and services.

Since Tiwa Savage is quite popular in the country and has a lot of fans and supporters, it is normal that she won’t have problems getting deals with companies. Therefore, one of the major ways she earns money is via her contracts with several firms. They pay her a lot of money and it grows her net worth.

Here are some companies she has a contract with as far as endorsement deals are concerned:

  •  Forte Oil: This is one of the earliest deals she got as her popularity started blooming. She became an ambassador of Forte Oil company and was paid millions of Naira for the deal.
  •  Konga: A year after her deal with Forte oil, she also signed an endorsement deal with the retail shop Konga where she is said to have received 20 million Naira.
  •  Maggi: Nigeria Nestle Plc. Is actually one of the biggest firms in Nigeria, and for them to have brought Tiwa into the scene as an ambassador, means she will get a lot of money for work with them.
  • Pepsi: Pepsi is a well-known firm in the world, and they decided to bring Tiwa to its team of influencers in 2015. According to reports, she was paid a whopping #50 Million for agreeing to be their ambassador, and it further increased her worth.
  • MTN: She caught the attention of MTN early enough and was signed into the team as one of their ambassadors, earning up to 30 million Naira in the process.

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